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  • Black Cap Basslet - Gramma melacara - Blackcap Gramma
  • Black Cap Basslet - Gramma melacara - Blackcap Gramma

Black Cap Basslet - Gramma melacara - Blackcap Gramma

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Black Cap Basslet - Gramma melacara The Black Cap Basslet is a deep water species found throughout the Caribbean. The Black Cap Basslet is an expensive aquarium fish, mainly because of the depths at which it must be collected. Quite hardy, its brilliant purple body and jet-black cap make it a striking addition to any aquarium. Provide at least a 30 gallon tank with rock caves to hide in. Black Cap Basslets can become territorial once established, so they should not be kept with other basslets. Although not overly aggressive, they will vigorously defend their favorite hole or interstice, chasing fish away that venture to near. A threat to only the smallest invertebrates such as Copepods, Isopods, or Amphipods. Best kept with less belligerent tankmates. If you want to keep more than one, add them simultaneously to a larger tank with plenty of hiding places. An ideal fish for the reef aquarium, this durable fish typically does great in any well maintained aquarium. Can be kept in groups in larger (100 gal.) aquariums. Black Cap Basslets will do well on a diet of meaty foods including marine fish, crustacean flesh, mysid shrimp, and quality frozen preparations. Maximum Size: The Black Cap Basslet grows up to 4 inches. Minimum Tank Size Suggested: The Black Cap Basslet prefers a tank of over 30 gallons with plenty of places to hide & swim. Water Conditions:
72-78ÁF; sg 1.020-1.025; pH 8.1-8.4; dKH 8-12 Habitat:
Black Cap Basslet are found near Tropical Western Atlantic Natural Environment:
They are sometimes found in small groups of six or more, and occur at depths between 40 to 200 feet (15 - 60 m). Feeding and Diet:
Black Cap Basslet are Carnivorous, feeds mainly on zooplankton. Feed meaty foods such as mysis shrimp and vitamin-enriched brine shrimp.