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  • CPR AquaFuge 2 Hang-on Refugium with Protein Skimmer, Small
  • CPR AquaFuge 2 Hang-on Refugium with Protein Skimmer, Small
  • CPR AquaFuge 2 Hang-on Refugium with Protein Skimmer, Small

CPR AquaFuge 2 Hang-on Refugium with Protein Skimmer, Small

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CPR AquaFuge 2 Hang-on Refugium with Protein Skimmer The newest AquaFuge PS Refugium has been improved with some new features. The back of the AquaFuge PS is now made from black acrylic to help block light from the refugium. A new bubble diffuser is also included that can be attached to the output tube if excess bubbles are an issue. The integrated skimmer section includes an integrated Rejuvenation Venturi Protein Skimmer (like the CPR Bak-Pak). The Protein Skimmer is driven by a Maxi-Jet 1200 with the ñRejuvenation Venturiî modification which mixes air and water before it is drawn through the impeller and broken up into tiny bubbles. Bubble dwell time is increased by the counter-current flow in the skimmer column. The quality of the foam collected can be controlled by raising and lowering the collection cup. Water first enters the Protein Skimmer column from the aquarium. It then flows through the refugium area. The AquaFuge PS refugium adds extra water volume to your reef aquarium and makes it easier to maintain stability. The AquaFuge PS provides ideal growth conditions for food items such as copepods and amphipods, to feed invertebrates and fish in the main tank. The AquaFuge PS also provides a controlled growing area for macroalgae, which can be used to reduce ñnuisanceî algae in the main tank and provide a ñnurseryî area for a variety of organisms. The AquaFuge PS refugium light is run on a reverse schedule from the main aquarium light to reduce the natural daytime/nighttime pH swing in the aquarium. By combining the excess organic removal of a protein skimmer with the benefits of a refugium you achieve the ideal filtration for your reef aquarium...all in one unit! Maxi-Jet 1200 Pump
The Maxi-Jet 1200 pump has been matched with the CPR 20" refugium to provide optimized flow rates through your refugium. At 295 GPH it is the right amount of flow for good water contact time with the macroalgaes and causing minimal disturbance to the refugium substrate. It has also been fitted with the "Rejuvenation Venturi" for the best performance with the protein skimmer. CPR 18 Watt Light
Providing the right spectrum and intensity of light, the CPR 18 watt is another matched component for the CPR refugium. This light is a perfect fit for the CPR refugium with a 7100K day spectrum bulb. 16 3/4" x 4 3/8" x 2 1/2" (L x W x H)
  • Refugium provides controlled growing area for macro algae and other food sources
  • New black back prevents light transfer between refugium and tank
  • Easy to set up "hang on the tank" design
  • Skimmer maintains safe organic levels while providing oxygenation
  • Designed for multiple media
  • Dimensions: 19.75" L x 3.75" W x 14.25" H