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  • Elongated Tortoises - Inditestudo elongata
  • Elongated Tortoises - Inditestudo elongata
  • Elongated Tortoises - Inditestudo elongata

Elongated Tortoises - Inditestudo elongata

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Indotestudo Elongataor Elongated Tortoise is a species of tortoise commonly found in parts of South Asia like Nepal, Bangladesh, India, Burma, and Thailand etc. Its size may vary from medium to large. On an average, they are 30 cm long and weigh approx. 3.5 kg, though females are wider and more rounded than males. The male elongated tortoises also have shorter tail and more concave plastron. With the help of the femaleÍs longer and curved hind claws, nest building becomes easier for the species. The carapace is a caramel to dark yellowish brown color, highlighted with black splotches on each scute. Pale yellow color marks their head, though during the breeding season both the sexes develop a pink hue around the eyes and nostrils. Indotestudo Elongata species are although active during the day but most of their activities take place in the very early mornings or late evenings. Activities like Basking and soaking in water are not done on regular basis but only enjoyed time to time. Their life span varies from 20 to 50 years. Male Elongated Tortoises are quite aggressive when it comes to mating and it often leaves the female injured as they indulge in vigorous biting about the head, neck and legs of their female counterpart. They also vocalize loudly during courtship. Female Elongated Tortoises are very careful while selecting a place for laying eggs. They go on sniffing the earth from time to time and cautiously choose a spot which is often moist and free of vegetation. They can lay a clutch of 2-4 eggs. Elongated Tortoise Habitat Indotestudo Elongata is a species which likes to live in damp and moist forest though it can survive in dry and arid areas as well. It is most active during the rainy season and breeding also takes place in this period. Strong sunlight irritates them and they prefer shaded places. At night time temperature should stay above 15 degrees in their artificial habitat and the day time temperature may vary between 26 and 30 degree Fahrenheit. A 40 Watts bulb can be placed to provide a daytime basking temperature of roughly 95 to 98 degrees Fahrenheit in order to assist digestion. Make sure there is adequate hydration and humidity in the terrarium because they dehydrate quickly. Provide them with a shallow water dish to allow them to soak and swim according to their preferences. Elongated Tortoise Diet Indotestudo Elongata is an omnivorous species. Their diet consists of all kinds of leafy greens, fruits, worms and slugs. When held in captivity, these tortoises can be fed Italian parsley, mustard greens, dandelion, spinach, kale etc. They are also very fond of snails. Shredded carrots, pumpkin, yams, banana peelings and cantaloupe could also prove fruitful if fed twice a week. Fruits should be fed in a limited number as they attract flies and thus make tortoises prone to diseases. Cuttlebones and eggshells can be provided as calcium supplement. Also make sure the terrarium has enough source of water as Indotestudo Elongata is known to drink profusely.