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  • Golden Gecko - Gekko ulikovskii
  • Golden Gecko - Gekko ulikovskii

Golden Gecko - Gekko ulikovskii

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Gekko ulikovskii, or the Golden Gecko, is native to the humid, tropical rainforests of Vietnam. Males grow to around 7" to 8", while females stay around 5" to 6". Golden geckos do not like to be handled. They are somewhat hyperactive and can stress easily. They can and will bite when bothered but if they are handled enough they can be tamed. As a defense mechanism the tail can detach to confuse the predator, giving the gecko time to escape. Golden geckos also have specialized toe pads that allow them to move along vertical surfaces and upside down. Sexing and Characteristics
Males have a longer tail base, with fleshy knobs at the base of the tail. Pores appear on the insides of the legs. Females have none of these. Diet
Insects, such as crickets and mealworms, wax worms, and fruits, such as bananas and mangos, which are rich in calcium. Golden Geckos hydrate themselves by drinking water from rainfall collecting on leaves. Golden geckos also enjoy CGD (Crested Gecko Diet) which is rich in supplements for their health. As Pets
Golden Geckos are not terribly popular in the pet trade, so most are wild caught. They require a minimum of 20 US gallons for an adult golden. Females can live together, but males will fight. Goldens are arboreal geckos, so vertical height in their enclosure is essential. Provide temps 75-90 F during the day with a basking spot. Temperature can drop to 70-75F at night. Basking lights or ceramic heat bulbs work well. Do not rest heat source on top of cage, as the gecko could burn itself if it gets too close. Provide a lot of cover and vegetation for hiding, and a bowl of water for soaking and to provide added humidity. Humidity should be between 60-80%. Substrate can consist of reptile bark, cocoa shell mulch, moss, or paper towel.