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  • Kwangtung River Turtles - Chinemys nigricans

Kwangtung River Turtles - Chinemys nigricans

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Kwangtung River Turtles, also known as Chinemys Nigricans comes under the category of Asian Water Turtles. They are found in Southern China and Northern Vietnam. This species was sold in Chinese food market in large quantity because of which these turtles are virtually extinct in the wild. Chinemys Nigricans adults have an almost pitch black shell. Carapace is hinged and its edges seem to be divided which gives the shell a beautiful pattern. The plastron is lighter in shade. At the bottom of the plastron a small black dot is visible. Their head is dark in color too with few light colored stripes which is reddish in some varieties. Legs are black too which do not have any kind of spots or stripes. Juveniles are more attractive as their plastron is bright orange in color with small black dots in the middle of each shield. A very strong central keel is also present in the offspring. Tale of Kwangtung River Turtles is relatively long. They can grow up to 25-30 cm. they are not aggressive and do not harm anyone. They adapt easily in their environment. Spending long hours in sun is their favorite activity. At slightest motion or movement they jump in water and hide. Females can lay up to 6 eggs in a dry land which can be up to 5 cm long. Each period can make up to 3 clutches. 28 degree Celsius is the ideal temperature for incubation. Eggs take almost 90 days to hatch. Hibernation takes place mostly in colder months specially if living in very high mountain areas. Kwangtung River Turtle Habitat This species lives near areas with calm waters. Kwangtung River Turtles are semi-aquatic. While in captivity they can be kept in aquarium but it should be shallow. Depth should only be 2 inches so that they could stand on the bottom and easily reach on the surface to breath. Water must be frequently changed. Semi-aquatic setup can also be used. Tank should measure about 24 by 16 inches. Additional plants can be used to provide them with a sense of security. Live plants can also be placed which can also be a food source. With the growth of the turtle, the depth of water should also be increased. Basking spot should also be provided which should have temperature of 32 degree Celsius. A UVB source is also essential as it is necessary for the synthesis of Vitamin D3. Kwangtung River Turtle Diet Kwangtung River Turtle offspring eat everything and anything available. They should not be overfed. They are carnivorous. Worms, insects, fish all are a part of their diet. In captivity feeding them once in a day is sufficient. They at times can also eat greens. They also at times can nip the tail of their mates. Aquatic vegetation like duckweed can also be fed. With growing age, consumption of vegetables increases. Commercially prepared turtle diets which include Koi, Catfish foods are very good for hatchling. Sprinkle powdered calcium on the food items as calcium will strengthen shell and bones. Cuttlefish bone is also recommended.