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  • Parker's Snake-Necked Turtles - Chelodina parkeri - Parker's Snake Turtles
  • Parker's Snake-Necked Turtles - Chelodina parkeri - Parker's Snake Turtles
  • Parker's Snake-Necked Turtles - Chelodina parkeri - Parker's Snake Turtles

Parker's Snake-Necked Turtles - Chelodina parkeri - Parker's Snake Turtles

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Chelodina Parkeri is one of the most stunning Snake Neck Turtle from Indonesia and Papua, New Guinea. Its habitat extends from the Merauke region to Eastern Papua, New Guinea. The ParkerÍs Snake Neck Turtle, as the name suggests, has a characteristic long slender ïSnake NeckÍ. ItÍs snake is almost three-fourth the size of its carapace. The Parker Snake Turtle has a unique patterned flat head. Rare and prized turtles of the species can have an eye-catching pale green, white or yellow coloration on the head and neck. It has a smooth elongated oval shell with a smooth rear border. The coloration of the shell might vary within the shades of brown with some yellow spots around the edges. Chelodina Parkeri can grow over 13 inches. The males of the species rarely exceed 10 inches. The male ParkerÍs Snake Turtle has a longer and thicker shell and flatter tail than female. Many hobbyists and breeders who have studied behavior and reproduction patterns in the Parkers Snake Necked Turtle claim that they need more time to adjust to a change in environment than usual and special care must be taken to make them comfortable. ParkerÍs Snake Necked Turtle Habitat The Parker Snake TurtleÍs natural habitat is a grassy swamp that undergoes cyclical seasons of heavy rainfall and equally intense summers. They have been found in open areas near lakes, rivers, savannas and swamps with plenty of plant life. The Parker Snake necked turtles are excellent swimmers and one of the most impressive predators. Owners should try to provide similar environment to the ParkerÍs Snake turtles born and bred in captivity. While hatchlings can be comfortable in a shallow aquarium with only a few inches of water a full grown adult needs a 50 gallon water tank and ample basking space. If you are considering on keeping a couple you must consider atleast a 90 gallon water tank. Only non-chlorinated water should be used in the aquarium with pH levels from 7.2 to 8. Water temperature should be maintained between 75 degrees F to 85 degrees F and basking area should be ten degrees warmer than water and dry. The Chelodina Parkeri is very sensitive and might react a bit aggressively when threatened. Adult turtles swing their head violently when held. Touching and picking might cause discomfort and stress in the turtles and should be avoided. The ParkerÍs Snake Necked Turtles have weaker keratin layer in their carapace that makes them easily vulnerable to scrapes and bruises that might lead to infection and later SCUD. On some occasions you might observe bullying, in that case separate the turtles with a partition and feed them separately. ParkerÍs Snake Necked Turtles Diet The ParkerÍs Snake Turtles are generally piscivores but are equally fond of bloodworms, mollusks and packaged turtle food. Hatchlings need to be fed everyday and the adults should be fed twice a week. The Chelodina Parkeri is essentially a predator and should be fed live meat, small fish, shrimp and snails once in a while.