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  • Cumberland Sliders - Trachemys scripta troostii
  • Cumberland Sliders - Trachemys scripta troostii

Cumberland Sliders - Trachemys scripta troostii

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The Trachemys scripta troostiior the Cumberland Slider is a distant relative of the Red Eared Slider. These turtles are very rare and are found only in Tennessee and northern Cumberland. They are different from the red eared sliders in their coloration and the lack of a red ear. The carapace of these turtles is olive or green with yellow patterns. The posterior end of the carapace has round projections. There is a slight keel on the medial of the carapace. The Cumberland Sliders have unhinged plastron that completely covers the underside. The plastron is yellow or orange with black spots. The complete underside of the Trachemys scripta troostiiincluding the ventral part of the shelland the plastron is yellow with black spots all over it. The skin is brown with a greenish or olive tint and lots of yellow stripes. There is a pair of very prominent yellow or red stripes extending from its eyes to throat on both sides of the head. The fore limbs are more vividly striped than other slider turtles and there are yellow red or orange stripes at the back of their eyes. These stripes are never uniformly colored and might begin with yellow change to orange and end in red. The male Cumberland sliders are smaller than the female and grow only up to 8 inches in carapace length. The females can grow up to 12 inches. The Cumberland Slider Turtle Habitat The Cumberland Slider turtles are found around Tennessee and Mississippi rivers and southeastern America. They prefer quiet slow moving or still water with soft muddy bottom. Water bodies like lakes, shallow, slow moving streams and pond with ample aquatic vegetation, muddy, humus and organic substrate and basking areas surrounded by water are always favored. The Trachemys scripta troostii is a rare species and is found in limited area and specific habitats. For adult males in captivity a 75 gallon water tank is recommended and for one female 125 gallons. You can start with smaller water tanks for hatchlings and juveniles but as they grow over 4 inches their aquarium should be upgraded to the recommended size. The Cumberland Slider is an aggressive basker. A half-submerged log or rock or a pile of sand and gravels can be used as a basking area. The basking area should be properly lighted and warmed. A heating lamp paired with a UVB light should be fitted over the basking area. They are semiaquatic and spend almost equal hours on land and in water. Often they are seen piling on top of each other while basking. The Cumberland Sliders are excellent swimmers and need deeper water tanks. The Cumberland Sliders Diet The Cumberland Slider turtles are omnivores and live on insects, mollusks, worms and fish as well as hyacinth, romaine lettuce, algae and other aquatic plants. The hatchlings and juveniles are essentially carnivores as their growing body needs more protein than adults. The Trachemys scripta troostii, like other aquatic turtles can only feed underwater. The Cumberland Slider turtles are very friendly turtles and lighten up the aquarium within days.They are highly recommended for starters.