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  • Morrocan Uromastyx - Uromastyx acanthinurus
  • Morrocan Uromastyx - Uromastyx acanthinurus

Morrocan Uromastyx - Uromastyx acanthinurus

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Moroccan Uromastyx (Uromastyx acanthinurus) are real sun worshipers, they spend a large proportion of their day basking in the sun. They originate from Morocco, Libya, Niger and Sudan establishing themselves in hilly, rocky areas with good shelter and accessible vegetation. Like many reptiles, these lizards' colours change according to the temperature; during cool weather they appear dull and dark but the colours become lighter in warm weather, especially when basking; the darker pigmentation allows their skin to absorb sunlight more effectively. Uromastyx make great pets, they are inquisitive and good natured. They grow up to 40cm long and develop lovely colours, from yellows to reds although juveniles start off grey. Uromastyx are herbivorous, making them a great choice if you aren't keen on offering live insects. Housing
Uromastyx are active lizards so require plenty of room. A 48x24x24" vivarium would be suitable for an adult. Juveniles can be housed in a 36x18x18" vivarium. They love to bask on rocks, make sure the rocks are very secure and placed on the floor of the vivarium not the substrate (they will dig under them!). There are many hides available that are suitable. It is good to fill one of the hides with the substrate so they have to dig their way in. Heating
Temperature is very important in reptile care as they cannot produce their own body heat and need to be kept within a suitable range to help the body function correctly. Uromastyx require a temperature range of up to 45ÁC (113ÁF) in the basking area, down to approximately 30ÁC (86ÁF) in the cooler area. This will provide the lizard with a temperature gradient across the vivarium, allowing them to choose the most suitable temperature at all times. At night the temperature should drop as low as 16ÁC (61ÁF). The day time temperatures can be achieved by using a halogen basking light (the heat is more focused than a regular light) fitted to a dimming thermostat. Using fans to increase ventilation can be a good idea as this helps keep the rest of the vivarium cooler. It is very important to know what the temperature is, so check regularly with an accurate thermometer. Ideally use two maximum/minimum thermometers per vivarium (one at each end of the vivarium), or you can use an in/out, max/min thermometer and place 1 sensor at each end. Do not guess or take temperature by hand (if it feels warm or cold), this is not accurate enough. Lighting
Uromastyx require UV light to help use calcium from their diet and prevent Metabolic Bone Disease. We recommend using a lamp with 10-12% UVB such as the Arcadia D3+ T5. UV lights should be mounted directly above the lizards. It is recommended to replace UV lights every 12 months (depending on the brand) due to a decline in UV output. Water
We only offer water once a week as it is not usually taken and increased humidity can cause a few issues. They receive most of their water from their food.