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  • Half & Half Wrasse - Hemigymnus melapterus - Banner Wrasse - Blackedge Thicklip - Half & Half Wrasse

Half & Half Wrasse - Hemigymnus melapterus - Banner Wrasse - Blackedge Thicklip - Half & Half Wrasse

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Half & Half Wrasse - Hemigymnus melapterus The Half & Half Wrasse which is also known as Banner Wrasse, Black edge Thick lip is very difficult to keep and it is one of the restricted species. The Half & Half Wrasse has a light silver-gray on the front half of the body whereas the back half of it is velvety black. When it is first introduced to captivity, it hardly eats and it is a very finicky fish. The Half & Half Wrasse may act peacefully towards other fish.and it is a moderately hardy fish. The Half & Half Wrasse would prefer to nest among the branches of coral rather than hide under sand. The Half & Half Wrasse is not reef compatible. Juveniles have a very attractive coloration, but their colour would become duller as they become older. The colour of the Half & Half Wrasse juvenilesÍ is dark green and black posteriorly and almost white anteriorly. and those fish whose size is under about 8 cm have a bright yellow tail which slowly gets dull with growth The colorful pink and blue facial markings around the eyes of juveniles spreads with gradual growth to cover nearly the entire head of large adults. The Half & Half Wrasse will keep sandbed stirred in fish only systems. The Half & Half Wrasse is highly difficult to take care in an aquarium and it ought to be handled delicately while shipping. The Half & Half Wrasse should be the only member of its species present in the tank. Maximum Size:
The Half & Half Wrasse grows up to a maximun of 20 inches General Size Specifications:
The small size will come to you generally 1 to 2 inches; the medium generally 3 to 4 inches; the large generally 5 to 6 inches Minimum Tank Size:
A 150 Gallon tank with a sandy bottom, lively rocks would be an ideal home for the Half & Half Wrasse type of species. And the tank should have plenty of space for it to swim and hide. Water Conditions: Keep water quality high (SG 1.020 - 1.025, pH 8.1 - 8.4, Temp. 72 - 78Á F). Habitat:
Range: Indo-Pacific Feeding and Diet:
The Half & Half Wrasse is a carnivore and will eat ornamental crustaceans including fan worms, small clams, snails, crabs, saltwater feeder shrimp, squid, and scallop clam.