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  • Kidako Eel - Gymnothorax Kidako - Japanese Kidako Eel

Kidako Eel - Gymnothorax Kidako - Japanese Kidako Eel

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Kidako Eel is an attractive species from Japan, this species is one of the Holy Grails of Eels and is almost never seen in the trade. It is generally mild mannered for a moray, although it may eat fish it can swallow. It usually does well with other eels of similar size. Like most eels, It may fast on occasion, but usually begins feeding in a week or two after feeding cessation began. The Kidako Eel is often considered to be the Holy Grail amongst aquarium owners who keep Eels. Kidako Eels are a rare find in the aquarium industry and are originally from the waters of the Western Pacific. Kidako Eels are great for a reef aquarium but they can feed on crustaceans, so it is best to keep the Kidako Eel in an aquarium that is mostly fish. General Size Specifications: These eels will come to you generally in the 8 - 24 inch range. Minimum Tank Size: The Kidako Eel prefers a tank of at least 75 gallons with plenty of places to hide & swim. Feeding and Diet: Kidako Eel is a carnivore and should be fed a steady diet of shrimp and other meaty foods.